Thursday, 30 June 2011

On Gove and supporting the June 30 strike

I post this at midnight, when the strikes of public sector workers throughout the United Kingdom engage in union strikes, against the budget cuts to their service, pay and pensions, inflicted by the government most prominently towards teachers and academics in schools, colleges and universities. I have a personally deep anger towards the cuts and privatization in education, alongside unaffordable and extortionate £9000 tuition fees dividing the rights of university education between ruling class from the underprivileged.

First of all, the agenda of Education Secretary Michael Gove seems to have a particular contempt for the arts and humanities. I therefore have a particular contempt for Gove. His contempt for universal education is remarkable. All direct budget cuts effecting the education of children and students are disgraceful, but subjects such as art, philosophy, literature and music have a specially severe discrimination. I refer to the tremendously entertaining but powerful indignation of a parent refuting the regressive elitism of Gove's dictated "Baccalaureate", in relation to the hopes and dreams of his creative daughter.

Gove's Academies Program gives public funding to schools choosing to become private as part of a marketized system monopolized by the lobbying interests of corporations, with their courses and standards decided outside of the national curriculum, including "faith" schools teaching fundamentalist bigotry and pseudoscience.  Due to not being part of the public sector, these academies can decide the pay of teachers and staff institutionally restrained from unionizing. 

Meanwhile, political dissidents are being arrested under justification of Tony Blair's "anti-terrorism" laws, while Ed Miliband opposes strike action. This is the Labour Party?

Children and their parents will understand that teachers striking do so in concern and belief of their futures and opportunities, and the injustice methodological in its ruin.

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