Friday, 10 June 2011

A Leftist article: Celebrities Are Media Constructed Trolls Distracting The People From The Cause

I believe in a world where those who have achieved great things receive admiration and notoriety. Who inspire, invent, cure, discover, empower, educate, liberate and create. They are the reason we live and transcend to define ourselves. How we can live and not just exist.
But we have come to live in a culture where individuals attain fame for nothing but existence. There are those at the very least who are “celebrities” for engaging in something manufactured to unfathomably homogenized mediocrity based upon the profit motive that, conveniently subdues the minds of the majority.
“Writers” publishing illiterate and superficial books, “singer-songwriters” recording autotuned and mindnumbingly mediocre…tunes, “bands” playing a chord or two in these songs, or even just lipsyncing “compositions” formulaic and asinine to the point of being beyond parody.
“Filmmakers” release things bearing something resembling the bareness of a plot based around stereotypes portrayed by people with acting abilities as void as their characters. This was collectively referred to as “prolefeed” in Orwell’s dystopia.
If we believe in merit this warrants less than the smallest amount of it, but the cult of celebrity embodies even less than this. Celebrities of consumerist marketing are paid attention to with time of the media dedicated to them for being celebrities. Their existences and pretence of importance is a preoccupation. It is difficult for any functioning mind to conceive.

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