Sunday, 5 June 2011

Israeli anti-Zionism

The Rabbis for human rights are Jews who go to the West Bank and Gaza and sit in rabbinic indignation, in front of the bulldozers ordered to illegally demolish the homes of the Palestinian population. Where the rabbis have not stood, they help the families with their lives destroyed to rebuild these homes. They witness the despair of mothers and fathers and the inconceivable traumatization of their children. These are young people that the Islamist and antisemitic terrorist organizations rely and pray upon to indoctrinate and recruit to commit their own crimes against the Israeli population. But when they see men in kippahs and Orthodox robes standing with and beside them, they are led to peace in their cause for Palestine. There is nothing more undermining and endangering to the self-determination of the Jewish people than the Israeli government's war crimes and crimes against humanity. And there are Jews in Palestine, killed and inflicted with atrocity, by an administration with the Shoah as its justification.

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