Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Taxevader's Alliance stand around awkwardly

I have to thank today's Rally Against Debt for providing immense comic relief. It has been beyond satire. When I heard its planning a while ago, organized by apologists for bank and corporation greed and corruption, The "Taxpayers" Alliance, I was incomprehensibly sickened and infuriated with its vileness and idiocy. Now it's hilarious. They note their trending on Twitter. Yes, for being laughed at.  Especially at images of the two or three hundred "demonstrators" and  Old Holborn's ceremonial burning of a European flag dressed in V garb (a character created by anarcho-socialist Alan Moore). I then learn Toby Young, resident misogynist as pointed out by Laurie Penny, and founder of the nation's first taxpayer-subsidized "free school" in the government's educational agenda that transverses back generations, did not attend the gathering of 350 at most, to attend a public museum exhibition about pirates. I was in pain with amusement.

More seriously, their economically illiterate "rally" is actually in favor of debt. Budget cuts eliminating jobs and destroying opportunity and social mobility, requires borrowing to prevent economic contraction, and therefore creates higher deficits in the longterm, as Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman articulates here. Someone tell George Osborne.

This is not to mention the mandateless, revolution-warranted and ideologically-driven social injustice, endangerment to the welfare of the most vulnerable and underprivileged, the destructive privatization of the National Health Service, and the authoritarian police state suppressing dissent against the cuts causing it.

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