Saturday, 21 May 2011

On the "rapture"

We were supposed to all die today. I suppose I am relieved. Another religious marketing scheme has extorted money from many delusional people, and once again gotten away with it. I am not complacent about this, if only granting pity to the victims of fear and ignorance. There are numerous times in history where the rapture has being impending. Ancient societies assumed so every time it thundered. I am more taken to consider my actual mortality and the fragile circumstances constantly threatening it, as well as the well being of my loved ones and the assuring to defend and treat them as well as possible. I think this is reasonable.

I believe what should actually be considered is the existential perils to humanity itself. I recently watched Threads, a 1984 BBC production written by Barry Hines and broadcast in the height of the Cold War. It disturbs me deeply. It portrays the era escalating into nuclear war after the Soviet Union's invasion of Iran, and the collective U.S./NATO response to it. An exchange of missiles results in an ensuing holocaust including Britain, and the genocide of the majority of the population, with survivors living in devastated and primeval existence sickened by nuclear radiation and winter. The families victim to the attack focused on in the film, are in the town of Sheffield. Living in the North of England, this makes it particularly disquieting.

I may have a degree of respect for the pragmatic realpolitik that favors maintaining a nuclear stockpile, if only to prevent global war with the missiles through mutually assured annihilation, with their existence acting essentially as figures of negotiation in the priority of evantual disarmament and non-proliferation. But I am now entirely far less assured by it.

My mother tells me of her childhood in the time. Seeing Protect and Survive public announcements informing the public of precautions and course of action in the event of a nuclear attack. She prepared a small bag of possessions accordingly, and would cower with my uncle under the family staircase. The tests of air raid sirens still operational upset elderly relatives traumatized by the Blitz.

The continued existence of nuclear weapons perpetually sickens me. They must be eradicated before we are. They exhibit an actual threat to our species, rather than primitive mythological prognosis. This is the reason fundamentalist charlatans such as the "Reverends" Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell rely upon atomic weapons in the "prophecies" they sell their proverbial snake oil with. They with actual intention wish to persuade and encourage nuclear war such as through conflict with Iran, in order for the messiah's return to be induced according to Biblical absolutism. Only the religious mentality could consider or excuse the extent of this stupidity and insanity. So could the politicking and profiteering of international warfare, the military-industial complex Dwight D. Eisenhower defined, or the inevitable environmental catastrophe caused by destructive fossil fuels, in nature and climate.

Therefore, may every responsible and rational human being consider the following words.

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