Friday, 13 May 2011

The personified regression of Stephen Harper

In Canada's recent general election, Stephen Harper was remarkably returned as Prime Minister with an increased Tory majority. The election was called due to Harper's undemocratic contempt of parliament, remarkably not resulting in any sort of impeachment for such a dictatorial evasion of democratic legtimacy.

Canada is an admirable nation: with its universal healthcare system, support for gay rights, environmental protection, and freedom of speech and expression. Harper is an authoritarian, bigoted and often fundamentalist reactionary to Canada's exemplary civilization on the North American continent. His government's attempts to actually ban use of Twitter during Canada's general election was just as remarkable.  Progressive Canadians can at least rally behind Jack Layton's great New Democratic Party, who have formed the opposition after an incredible gain of seats, and a defeat of Quebec separatists and Michael Ignatieff''s indistinguishable Liberal party. They must so for the dynamic society they have fought for.

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