Monday, 16 May 2011

A personal realization of atheism

When I was a child, the stories of the Bible amused me. I never assumed that anyone actually took them seriously. In accordance to the innocent tradition of the UK's established Protestant dictatorship, it is compulsory for primary schools to teach schoolchildren Christianity in partiality to accepting it, I remember by teachers passively detached to such a requirement, awkwardly beside the fact of Darwinian evolution taught in science. Even my mind in the earliest stage of its comprehension had to ask, "why? This is very stupid." I then went on to discover the work of those such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, finding total epiphany in their rational ludidity and liberation of the mind from the tyranny of religious self-deception.

Always being fascinated by the nature of the universe, I didn't know the words atheist or humanist before I was nine or ten years old or so. I very quickly realized I was one when coming to understand their meaning. I am deeply grateful and defined to have been raised as a freethinker. Giving children the education they require and deserve naturally critical thinking and free expression, leading to non-belief. The fundamentalist religious mentality depends upon the suppression and destruction of the intellect. It bases itself upon the conditioned indoctrination, traumatization and manipulation of developing minds. The defining nature of control.

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