Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Leftist article: The Fashion Industry, the Indoctrinators of the Capitalist Image

The fashion industry preys upon insecurity, that it conditions and manipulates, psychologically aware of how to create a sense of worthlessness, self-consciousness and unworthiness, in a systematically inhumane methodology. Children are made sexualized and held to standards of fashion from constantly earlier ages. Young women are dying from starvation, and often committing suicide in essence, wishing to conform to a fashionable and airbrushed image of malnutrition. Items of clothing made in third world corporate slave houses are sold for sickening amounts of money, only excused by the product label the consumers identity with. Just one pair of expensive shoes made by a Chinese or Indian slave labourer could buy items of clothing for hundreds of people in the world without any to wear. The clothes we wear may define us as individuals, but the homogenized and mindless uniformity that the fashion industry abides to is essentially no different to prisoners of war or concentration camps.
Women are just as oppressed as they always have been, by the fashion industry’s sexist criticisms of their bodies and their lives. If they are made the female eunuchs Germaine Greer defined, then the martinets of the fashion industry are their castraters. In observing the fashion industry’s nature, the hatred and the mindless cycle of obedience to trend defined only for profit, I can think of nothing so soulless and void of love, in its total depersonalization of the human form. What affection or positive fulfilment does it hold? Its techniques are societally fundamental, and mutually benefiting to indoctrination and propaganda. A primary form of the media and institutionalized distractions to assure obedience.

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