Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Labour must renew

Peter Hain MP has established Refounding Labour, a public consultation on how the Labour Party must renew a itself as the movement of socialist progressivism in British society. Hain very rightly says:

Despite a proud achievements during 13 years in government, sometimes we lost our way: we lost hundreds of councillors, thousands of members and 5 million voters – and then we lost the General Election. By May 2010 our activist base had been seriously depleted and many members felt disillusioned.

I am one of those:

"I must be honest of my significant weariness of Labour. I grew up under the New Labour governments of Blair and Brown. While not undermining their many great achievements, what I can only view as the reactionary and illiberal authoritarianism of these years is the primary reason I have identified as a supporter of the Liberal Democrats until around a year ago. While this coalition government inflicts police brutality against the peaceful dissenters of its agenda causing devastation and injustice without mandate, Labour must renew the stand for individual freedom and equality that has defined it for generations."

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