Sunday, 29 May 2011

Labour Libertarians?

The great Michael Foot defined himself as a libertarian:

"I've been on the left of the Party since I joined it about 1934 and I haven't seen much reason for altering...I have always been a strong libertarian both inside the Labour Party and outside...what I want to seek to do over a period of course is to establish a Socialist society."

The meaning of individual freedom is fundamental to the incomparable achievements of the Labour Party in its history, to standing for the rights of workers and equality for women, ending racial segregation and establishing gay rights, pioneering cooperative mutualism, to founding the welfare state defending the vulnerable, and the National Health Service. 

The founding statement of a Labour Libertarian advocacy and and parliamentary group could read as follows. 

We are socially liberal members of the Labour Party, who believe in individual liberty established through the equality and empowerment found in the movements and implemented principles of democratic socialism and social democracy. We define ourselves  as libertarian socialists, in opposition to conservative authoritarianism, social injustice, conformity, oppression, monopolism, and bigotry and discrimination in all its forms.

Anyone holding these values are welcome to take it. 

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