Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Daily Mail column

Yoof chav paedophile biased environmentalist BBC lesbian asylum seekers and Brussels bureaucrats on benefits celebrate winterville. They live in houses costing British taxpayers £1 trillion a month in rent, and use their benefits to pay for the drug called political correctness. But not regular political correctness. An incredibly potent form of political correctness that will give the world and a bag of kittens cancer through bags of tea. Women will wither to death and have bodies even more repulsive than they already are. Political correctness will cause the worthless Gods called celebrities to act in a way that is even more compellingly boring and outrageous for some reason. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY AND HAVE THEM ALL SHOT FOR IT. IF THEY DON'T YOU WILL BE KILLED. WORRY. OBEY TO THE OUTRAGED AND SICKENED LOVELY REVOLT. BUY THE PAPER FOR A DVD ON ROYAL WEDDINGS, PROPERTY PRICES AND FREE ICE CREAM. UP WITH THE BLACKSHIRTS.

(Uncylopedia's article is also actually quite funny).

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