Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Burroughs on art

I am compelled and invigorated by a lucid Reality Studio  interview with William S. Burroughs by Simone Lazzeri Ellis, on the meaning of artistic expression. I find this excerpt particularly brilliant in intellect.

"Paul Klee said that art does not simply render nature, it renders it visible. The artist sees something that others do not see, and by seeing it and putting it on canvas, he makes it visible to others. Recognition art. A particle physicist at the University of Texas named John Wheeler has developed something that he calls “recognition physics.” Wheeler says that nothing exists until it is observed. Well, the artist as observer is like that. The observer creates by observing, and the observer observes by creating. In other words, observation is a creative act. By observing something and putting it onto canvas, the artist makes something visible to others that did not exist until he observed it."

I view artistic conception as the objectification of subjectivity. It expresses what is instinctively inexpressible or ambiguous through the cognitive limits of language and writing alone, in this empirical Wittgenstein sense. In psychology we have a term called attuition. In defines a certain sense and the natural limits to which it can be fulfillingly expressed, an apprehension without comprehension. This defines philosophy in internal nature, and art in its externalization.

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