Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Breaking news: Tories are sexist

The sexism of the UK's Conservative Party has been subtle compared to their U.S. Republican counterparts. Speaker John Boehner (he insists it's pronounced "bayner"), the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and such assorted judges and authorities across the country, have attempted to systematically redefine the legal meaning of rape, to undermine the rights and welfare of women based upon their fundamentalist misogyny. "Justice" Secretary Kenneth Clarke has made sickening remarks today pertaining to the identical kind of atrocious redefinition. He claims that only brutally assaulting and and forcing intercourse upon someone is rape. Drugging someone and sexually violating them, according to Ken Clarke is not. The traumatic devastation of self-esteem and confidence, along with physical harm caused by both is apparently distinguished only by the nature of the act. 

I am enraged but not surprised. I have sensed it as inevitable, from David Cameron's repulsive "calm down dear" remark to Angela Eagle MP, quoting notorious misogynist Michael Winner. To George Osborne's smirks heading a treasury that is cutting funding to rape crisis centres for raped and beaten women, along with Sure Start centres for children that give advice to many single mothers. To docile changeling Nadine Dorries regressively demanding sex education in schools based upon abstinence and sexist fundamentalist segregations of students based upon gender, the girls being vulnerably stupid whores who get themselves raped, the boys uncontrollable and naturally inclined rapists, with totally innocent excuse to based upon their masculine primitivism. It is all intrinsic to the aristocratic Tory tradition that suppressed the rights of women, enforced patriarchal hierarchy, and scorned women's suffrage. Vermin.

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