Sunday, 8 May 2011


We are at war with Libya. Let us not delude ourselves. At the same time, there is an undoubtable question we must face to answer. To prevent genocide or let it occur. Through military action? While in solidarity with the Libyan revolution, we cannot forget how the western administrations in the doublespeak rhetorically "standing for democracy", subsidized and supported Mummar Gaddafi's theocratic totalitarian regime since its inception. How it subsidized the arms trade with money taken through taxation, and how it always will with total absence of democratic mandate to do so. Supporting regimes absent of democracy requires an absence of democracy. Western governments supported Hosni Mubarak in all purposes only until the moment of his resignation. They now face the Egyptian Revolution impossible to undermine, but will systemically attempt to manipulate its fragility and prevent establishment of a free society to the greatest extent they can.

The western government-supported arms trade has been fundamental to the genocide and tyranny of every Middle Eastern and North African dictator that has ever reigned in the past century. The pervasive military-industrial complex is a cancer to civilization. The necessity of humanitarianism is the consequence of anti-humanitarianism. And the anti-humanitarianism of the West has prevented the Arab Spring many decades until the advent of our times. May we learn from their Spring in solidarity against our governments who have stood beside the totalitarianism oppressing them. Their cause is ours.

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