Monday, 30 May 2011

Finding disagreement with Adam Curtis

How the 'ecosystem' myth has been used for sinister means?

"Biosphere 2 was a giant sealed world. Eight humans were locked in with a mass of flora and other fauna, and a balanced ecosystem was supposed to naturally emerge. But from the start it was completely unbalanced. The CO2 levels started soaring, so the experimenters desperately planted more green plants, but the CO2 continued to rise, then dissolved in the "ocean" and ate their precious coral reef. Millions of tiny mites attacked the vegetables and there was less and less food to eat. The men lost 18% of their body weight. Then millions of cockroaches took over. The moment the lights were turned out in the kitchen, hordes of roaches covered every surface. And it got worse – the oxygen in the world started to disappear and no one knew where it was going. The "bionauts" began to suffocate. And they began to hate one another – furious rows erupted that often ended with them spitting in one another's faces. A psychiatrist was brought in to see if they had gone insane, but concluded simply that it was a struggle for power."

Curtis attempts uses this case, and the chaos theory of equilibrium, to essentially undermine or discredit the idea of a decentralized society, as I identify in political ideology with the conceived movements of anarcho-syndicalism or liberatarian socialism. In analogy, perhaps there is a certain dichotomy to the destruction caused by the biosphere's incests.  (Curtis may possibly include anarcho-capitalism or Ayn Rand's Objectivism impartially also, which I have addressed, but a comprehensive understanding is subversive to corporate as well as state control.) As intellectually insightful as Curtis's arguments may be, they generally compare to the kind of incredibly narrow and mainstream rhetoric that perceives its own meaning of protest movements, albeit compelling and articulate as it is in this article (I wouldn't consider amounting Curtis to the subservient propaganda and narrative of the majority). He refers to a UK Uncut activist engaging in direct action and civil disobedience against corporate tax evasion, and the government's budget cuts serving their agenda, who responded to a "journalist" seeking to fulfill propaganda line that those engaging in violence (violence I and the UK Uncut organization view as counterproductive) against banking establishments, can speak for themselves only without certain condemnation from their observers. Compared to this, the primary problem with Curtis's argument based upon this scientific case, is the inherent debilitation of the eight human guinea pigs. Of course disorientated social breakdown is inevitable in an intentionally manufactured environment of ecological breakdown and flux.

This doesn't inherently prove the supposed failure of a civilization without an authoritarian hierarchy, in humanity's modern world and condition. Democratic dissent stands for the mutualist empowerment of individualism and equality only. Society progressively develops according to always increasing adaptation of its knowledge. We may be components, but we are not purposes. The nature of modern economic systems Curtis refers to base themselves upon centralized power and conditioned prevention of the freethinking self-realization of individuals. We learn from each other as individuals to define the meaning and creation of our lives. Curtis does however provide some constructive criticism of the network-based political organization of the age. We must remind ourselves that the advent potential of the Internet is unprecedented, and proven by revolution, but only as a mechanism that affirms liberation founded through democratic dissent and understanding over generations.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Labour Libertarians?

The great Michael Foot defined himself as a libertarian:

"I've been on the left of the Party since I joined it about 1934 and I haven't seen much reason for altering...I have always been a strong libertarian both inside the Labour Party and outside...what I want to seek to do over a period of course is to establish a Socialist society."

The meaning of individual freedom is fundamental to the incomparable achievements of the Labour Party in its history, to standing for the rights of workers and equality for women, ending racial segregation and establishing gay rights, pioneering cooperative mutualism, to founding the welfare state defending the vulnerable, and the National Health Service. 

The founding statement of a Labour Libertarian advocacy and and parliamentary group could read as follows. 

We are socially liberal members of the Labour Party, who believe in individual liberty established through the equality and empowerment found in the movements and implemented principles of democratic socialism and social democracy. We define ourselves  as libertarian socialists, in opposition to conservative authoritarianism, social injustice, conformity, oppression, monopolism, and bigotry and discrimination in all its forms.

Anyone holding these values are welcome to take it. 

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A reasonable drug debate

An objective and rational debate on drug policy is not one we usually see in political discourse. It usually corresponds to an established response of hysteria that suppresses free criticism and dissenting opinions on the prohibitionist "War on Drugs" entirely. I would not recommend the great majority of often uniformly asinine and bigoted columns in The Telegraph, but there is somewhat often an exception, such as by Julian Astle, former Liberal Democrat advisor and director of progressive thinktank CentreForum, on the Global Commison on Drugs. "We're losing the war on drugs. Thank goodness someone is saying so."

My Reddit response provided some insightful discussion.

'Portugal enacted decriminalization of the use of drugs in 2000, with drug addicts and abusers being provided with mandatory rehabilitation rather than imprisonment. It has since given the country the lowest statistics of drug related criminality and mortality in Europe. We imprison responsible adults for using cannabis recreationally like alcohol, while imprisoning people with debilitating and terminal illnesses for using it as a medicine. Our prisons are overcrowded with desperate addicts and victimless criminals, while violent international criminal cartels and terrorist organizations profiteer in multi-trillions from prohibition, a policy which is absolutely counterproductive and completely ineffective, as well as an authoritarian violation of individual liberty and a humanitarian disaster. The answer is legalization and regulation, to minimize the harm, humanely prevent addiction and eradicate the overwhelming majority of drug-related crime.'

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The doublespeak of the Orientalist narrative

At the press conference of David Cameron and Barack Obama held at Lancaster House in London yesterday during the president's state visit, Cameron said as follows:

"Protestors braving bullets, bloggers toppling dictators, people taking to the streets and making their own history.
If global politics is about spreading peace and prosperity, then this is a once-in-a-generation moment to grab hold of.
It’s not a time for us to shrink back and think about our own issues and interests.
This is our issue – and this is massively in our interests.
Those people in Tahrir Square and Tripoli just want what we have – a job and a voice. 
And we all share in their success or failure.
If they succeed, there is new hope for those living there and the hope of a better and safer world for all of us.
But if they fail, if that hunger is denied, then some young people in that region will continue to listen to the poisonous narrative of extremism."
The extent of such hypocrisy is remarkable. When UK Uncut protesters peacefully dissented in protest against Cameron's government's agenda to marketize the National Health Service outside the offices of privatization advocates 2020 Health, the morning of the very same day he made this rhetoric, they were arrested. When the people of western administrations such as Cameron's take to the streets to make their own history, to want a job and a voice, to grab hold of their generational moments of subversivance, like Arab nations, they are victims to police brutality, assault and "detainment" by riot squads for hours on end, and arbitrary arrest and imprisonment without trial. By the corporate media's propaganda model, they are overwhelmingly ignored, or portrayed as rioting felons according to the line of the authorities, while identical scenes from the Arab Spring are rightfully portrayed as remarkable advances towards freedom and democracy. 
So many of those in the Middle East and Northern Africa taking to the streets have been enraged by the overwhelming unemployment in their countries. Youth unemployment in Spain is the highest in Europe, while in the UK it is higher than since records began, alongside the injustice of budget cuts and severe debts to the right and opportunities of education. Cameron is right to say we share the Arab Spring's successes and failures, because the nature and resistance of their revolutionary struggles are mutual to ours, in Tahrir and Tripoli, in London and Madrid.


We now learn the UK's military is holding training courses for homicidal assassins crushing the Arab Spring in Bahrain. It is exemplary cognitive dissonance. Chief commander of the torture of revolutionaries Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ali al-Khalifa, was afterall invited to the royal wedding.

A Leftist article: Made in China, Reinvented Slave Trade

Karl Marx said that a political economic system of profit treats the manufactured labourer of that system “like a horse, he must receive enough to enable him to work. It does not consider him, during the time when he is not working, as a human being.” When we see the ubiquitous Made in China label on our goods, we should consider such a scene.

For the state monopoly capitalism Marx defined, authoritarian China enslaves workers, including women and children for menial wages and dozens of hours a day in confined, inhuman and often life threatening conditions, all in the name of socialism. The superficial and obedient consumerism of the West depends upon the third world slave wagery houses like those in China. Corporations outsource jobs as a matter of retained profit, in taking advantage of the desperate Chinese peasants working in conditions violating the Geneva Conventions. Namely of Article 51: “Workers shall be paid a fair wage and the work shall be proportionate to their physical and intellectual capacities.”

The concept of an affordable or lucrative product is entirely structured and fallacious. Buying goods in mass amounts is essentially based upon this reinvented slave trade. Slavery in the world exists far more than it ever has before. Apologists for monopolism may argue the “opportunities” or development giving to such people. As if it is somewhat consolable as a matter of occupation, or even simply because “that's how the economic system works.” They could have argued against abolitionism, claiming cotton pickers and house servants should have been grateful for their duties, with the shipping of indigious Africans for brutal subjugation justifiable based upon its profit. This is the intrinsic nature of what we stand against. May we emancipate and be emancipated!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The problem with Ayn Rand

The first episode of Adam Curtis's excellent documentary series, All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (named after an American poem by Richard Brautigan), has reminded me to consider and articulate my absolute objections as well as total empathetic agreements of principle on the philosophy of Ayn Rand. The cultural influence and political consequences of her ideology by Curtis were elaborated on, importantly the economic catastrophe caused by her justifications of egotistical selfishness, including the responsibilities of her confidant Alan Greenspan while head of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Paradoxically, I found total realization when discussed alongside an idealistic and innovative revolutionary schism originated in California, based upon the potential and implications of the technological advances of civilization. 

I have identified as a libertarian ever since I became aware of the meaning of the term. As defined by Oxford Dictionaries,

a person who advocates civil liberty.  
a person who believes in free will.

To elaborate, the term has only been monopolized in uneducated intellectual dishonesty, in the United States to indicate a dogmatically narrow minded belief in laissez-faire "free market" monopoly capitalism, more than often void of defending individual freedom from authoritarian statism and fundamentalism entirely, or even the corporate welfare state for the wealthy subsidized through coercive taxation, derived in 1950s charlatanism including from Rand's. The first libertarians were Enlightenment revolutionaries of the European continent, being why the anarchist, socialist and syndicalist societies of anti-fascist and anti-totalitarian resistance movements in Spain were libertarians also.  The first person to use the term "libertarian"  was Joseph D√©jacque, who said in a letter to the great Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, anarchist founder of mutualism. "The word queries modern individualism - the notion of libertarian from the start is an expression subversive."

Individualist liberation is realized by empathetic and mutualist solidarity of mind and action, in self-interest against homogenizing and dehumanizing hierarchies of control. The foundation of democracy is the decentralized and intrinsic collective of individual fulfillment and understanding, rather than uniformity of authority, subjugation or ignorance. Now observing the advent individuation found through the memeology of social networking, we comprehend the vacancy of Rand's sociopathic selfishness.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Burroughs on art

I am compelled and invigorated by a lucid Reality Studio  interview with William S. Burroughs by Simone Lazzeri Ellis, on the meaning of artistic expression. I find this excerpt particularly brilliant in intellect.

"Paul Klee said that art does not simply render nature, it renders it visible. The artist sees something that others do not see, and by seeing it and putting it on canvas, he makes it visible to others. Recognition art. A particle physicist at the University of Texas named John Wheeler has developed something that he calls “recognition physics.” Wheeler says that nothing exists until it is observed. Well, the artist as observer is like that. The observer creates by observing, and the observer observes by creating. In other words, observation is a creative act. By observing something and putting it onto canvas, the artist makes something visible to others that did not exist until he observed it."

I view artistic conception as the objectification of subjectivity. It expresses what is instinctively inexpressible or ambiguous through the cognitive limits of language and writing alone, in this empirical Wittgenstein sense. In psychology we have a term called attuition. In defines a certain sense and the natural limits to which it can be fulfillingly expressed, an apprehension without comprehension. This defines philosophy in internal nature, and art in its externalization.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Libertad, vamos

The revolutionary Spring is now in Spain. After the right to protest was banned by their government, making it an act of civil disobedience, Spaniards now camp on the streets and tremendously stand in their spontaneous masses, democratically striking their non-representative politicians. The indignados declare in their manifesto

'We are people who have been freely and voluntarily, after the demonstration that we decided together to continue to claim the dignity and social and political consciousness.We do not represent any party or association. Vocation unites us exchange links. We are here for dignity and solidarity with those who can not be here. Why are we here? We are here because we want a new society that prioritizes life over economic and political interests. advocate for change in society and social consciousness. Demonstrate that society is not asleep and continue to fight for what we deserve [through] peaceful means.'

This is a message to be understood internationally.

It is a movement of every continent. From Madrid to Barcelona, to Athens to Paris, to Cairo and Tunis, to the streets of London and Madison, Wisconsin, the Orientalist narrative of the mass media can deny the revolution no longer, transcending every border, language and culture, in vehement solidarity of meaning, principle and cause. And it makes a point. If Internet activism is irrelevant to social change, why are protesters bearing signs with written Twitter hashtags?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

On the "rapture"

We were supposed to all die today. I suppose I am relieved. Another religious marketing scheme has extorted money from many delusional people, and once again gotten away with it. I am not complacent about this, if only granting pity to the victims of fear and ignorance. There are numerous times in history where the rapture has being impending. Ancient societies assumed so every time it thundered. I am more taken to consider my actual mortality and the fragile circumstances constantly threatening it, as well as the well being of my loved ones and the assuring to defend and treat them as well as possible. I think this is reasonable.

I believe what should actually be considered is the existential perils to humanity itself. I recently watched Threads, a 1984 BBC production written by Barry Hines and broadcast in the height of the Cold War. It disturbs me deeply. It portrays the era escalating into nuclear war after the Soviet Union's invasion of Iran, and the collective U.S./NATO response to it. An exchange of missiles results in an ensuing holocaust including Britain, and the genocide of the majority of the population, with survivors living in devastated and primeval existence sickened by nuclear radiation and winter. The families victim to the attack focused on in the film, are in the town of Sheffield. Living in the North of England, this makes it particularly disquieting.

I may have a degree of respect for the pragmatic realpolitik that favors maintaining a nuclear stockpile, if only to prevent global war with the missiles through mutually assured annihilation, with their existence acting essentially as figures of negotiation in the priority of evantual disarmament and non-proliferation. But I am now entirely far less assured by it.

My mother tells me of her childhood in the time. Seeing Protect and Survive public announcements informing the public of precautions and course of action in the event of a nuclear attack. She prepared a small bag of possessions accordingly, and would cower with my uncle under the family staircase. The tests of air raid sirens still operational upset elderly relatives traumatized by the Blitz.

The continued existence of nuclear weapons perpetually sickens me. They must be eradicated before we are. They exhibit an actual threat to our species, rather than primitive mythological prognosis. This is the reason fundamentalist charlatans such as the "Reverends" Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell rely upon atomic weapons in the "prophecies" they sell their proverbial snake oil with. They with actual intention wish to persuade and encourage nuclear war such as through conflict with Iran, in order for the messiah's return to be induced according to Biblical absolutism. Only the religious mentality could consider or excuse the extent of this stupidity and insanity. So could the politicking and profiteering of international warfare, the military-industial complex Dwight D. Eisenhower defined, or the inevitable environmental catastrophe caused by destructive fossil fuels, in nature and climate.

Therefore, may every responsible and rational human being consider the following words.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Breaking news: Tories are sexist

The sexism of the UK's Conservative Party has been subtle compared to their U.S. Republican counterparts. Speaker John Boehner (he insists it's pronounced "bayner"), the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and such assorted judges and authorities across the country, have attempted to systematically redefine the legal meaning of rape, to undermine the rights and welfare of women based upon their fundamentalist misogyny. "Justice" Secretary Kenneth Clarke has made sickening remarks today pertaining to the identical kind of atrocious redefinition. He claims that only brutally assaulting and and forcing intercourse upon someone is rape. Drugging someone and sexually violating them, according to Ken Clarke is not. The traumatic devastation of self-esteem and confidence, along with physical harm caused by both is apparently distinguished only by the nature of the act. 

I am enraged but not surprised. I have sensed it as inevitable, from David Cameron's repulsive "calm down dear" remark to Angela Eagle MP, quoting notorious misogynist Michael Winner. To George Osborne's smirks heading a treasury that is cutting funding to rape crisis centres for raped and beaten women, along with Sure Start centres for children that give advice to many single mothers. To docile changeling Nadine Dorries regressively demanding sex education in schools based upon abstinence and sexist fundamentalist segregations of students based upon gender, the girls being vulnerably stupid whores who get themselves raped, the boys uncontrollable and naturally inclined rapists, with totally innocent excuse to based upon their masculine primitivism. It is all intrinsic to the aristocratic Tory tradition that suppressed the rights of women, enforced patriarchal hierarchy, and scorned women's suffrage. Vermin.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Labour must renew

Peter Hain MP has established Refounding Labour, a public consultation on how the Labour Party must renew a itself as the movement of socialist progressivism in British society. Hain very rightly says:

Despite a proud achievements during 13 years in government, sometimes we lost our way: we lost hundreds of councillors, thousands of members and 5 million voters – and then we lost the General Election. By May 2010 our activist base had been seriously depleted and many members felt disillusioned.

I am one of those:

"I must be honest of my significant weariness of Labour. I grew up under the New Labour governments of Blair and Brown. While not undermining their many great achievements, what I can only view as the reactionary and illiberal authoritarianism of these years is the primary reason I have identified as a supporter of the Liberal Democrats until around a year ago. While this coalition government inflicts police brutality against the peaceful dissenters of its agenda causing devastation and injustice without mandate, Labour must renew the stand for individual freedom and equality that has defined it for generations."

A Daily Mail column

Yoof chav paedophile biased environmentalist BBC lesbian asylum seekers and Brussels bureaucrats on benefits celebrate winterville. They live in houses costing British taxpayers £1 trillion a month in rent, and use their benefits to pay for the drug called political correctness. But not regular political correctness. An incredibly potent form of political correctness that will give the world and a bag of kittens cancer through bags of tea. Women will wither to death and have bodies even more repulsive than they already are. Political correctness will cause the worthless Gods called celebrities to act in a way that is even more compellingly boring and outrageous for some reason. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY AND HAVE THEM ALL SHOT FOR IT. IF THEY DON'T YOU WILL BE KILLED. WORRY. OBEY TO THE OUTRAGED AND SICKENED LOVELY REVOLT. BUY THE PAPER FOR A DVD ON ROYAL WEDDINGS, PROPERTY PRICES AND FREE ICE CREAM. UP WITH THE BLACKSHIRTS.

(Uncylopedia's article is also actually quite funny).

Monday, 16 May 2011

A personal realization of atheism

When I was a child, the stories of the Bible amused me. I never assumed that anyone actually took them seriously. In accordance to the innocent tradition of the UK's established Protestant dictatorship, it is compulsory for primary schools to teach schoolchildren Christianity in partiality to accepting it, I remember by teachers passively detached to such a requirement, awkwardly beside the fact of Darwinian evolution taught in science. Even my mind in the earliest stage of its comprehension had to ask, "why? This is very stupid." I then went on to discover the work of those such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, finding total epiphany in their rational ludidity and liberation of the mind from the tyranny of religious self-deception.

Always being fascinated by the nature of the universe, I didn't know the words atheist or humanist before I was nine or ten years old or so. I very quickly realized I was one when coming to understand their meaning. I am deeply grateful and defined to have been raised as a freethinker. Giving children the education they require and deserve naturally critical thinking and free expression, leading to non-belief. The fundamentalist religious mentality depends upon the suppression and destruction of the intellect. It bases itself upon the conditioned indoctrination, traumatization and manipulation of developing minds. The defining nature of control.

Archetypal discontent

Winston Smith in Nineteen Eight-Four, Holden Caufield in The Catcher in the Rye, Salvatore Paradise in On the Road, Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby, et al. Young men disenchanted with their surroundings and yearning of idealism and rationally egotistical happiness. They abhor normality as much as they resent complacency. Their fictional existentialist circumstances and fates may vary in fortune and nature; Winston is tortured and indoctrinated into totalitarian conformity, Holden comes to emotional redemption through the love of his siblings, Carraway finds proverbial optimism through reflections of his negativity, while Salvatore laments of Dean Moriarty's companionship after the immense immediacy of their travels. But the underlying character of their empathy holds resonating comfort.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Leftist article: The Fashion Industry, the Indoctrinators of the Capitalist Image

The fashion industry preys upon insecurity, that it conditions and manipulates, psychologically aware of how to create a sense of worthlessness, self-consciousness and unworthiness, in a systematically inhumane methodology. Children are made sexualized and held to standards of fashion from constantly earlier ages. Young women are dying from starvation, and often committing suicide in essence, wishing to conform to a fashionable and airbrushed image of malnutrition. Items of clothing made in third world corporate slave houses are sold for sickening amounts of money, only excused by the product label the consumers identity with. Just one pair of expensive shoes made by a Chinese or Indian slave labourer could buy items of clothing for hundreds of people in the world without any to wear. The clothes we wear may define us as individuals, but the homogenized and mindless uniformity that the fashion industry abides to is essentially no different to prisoners of war or concentration camps.
Women are just as oppressed as they always have been, by the fashion industry’s sexist criticisms of their bodies and their lives. If they are made the female eunuchs Germaine Greer defined, then the martinets of the fashion industry are their castraters. In observing the fashion industry’s nature, the hatred and the mindless cycle of obedience to trend defined only for profit, I can think of nothing so soulless and void of love, in its total depersonalization of the human form. What affection or positive fulfilment does it hold? Its techniques are societally fundamental, and mutually benefiting to indoctrination and propaganda. A primary form of the media and institutionalized distractions to assure obedience.

A positive virus

"The Internet is strange. It doesn't make any money. It is transnational, beyond anyone's control. It is the great anarchist event." - William Gibson

And language is a virus, said Burroughs. The great anarchist event prophetically depicted in Gibson's Neuromancer, has created a pandemic of the language virus, that is immunizing the tyrannies of ignorance and hierarchy. The consequence of the virus is freethought and revolt.

The Taxevader's Alliance stand around awkwardly

I have to thank today's Rally Against Debt for providing immense comic relief. It has been beyond satire. When I heard its planning a while ago, organized by apologists for bank and corporation greed and corruption, The "Taxpayers" Alliance, I was incomprehensibly sickened and infuriated with its vileness and idiocy. Now it's hilarious. They note their trending on Twitter. Yes, for being laughed at.  Especially at images of the two or three hundred "demonstrators" and  Old Holborn's ceremonial burning of a European flag dressed in V garb (a character created by anarcho-socialist Alan Moore). I then learn Toby Young, resident misogynist as pointed out by Laurie Penny, and founder of the nation's first taxpayer-subsidized "free school" in the government's educational agenda that transverses back generations, did not attend the gathering of 350 at most, to attend a public museum exhibition about pirates. I was in pain with amusement.

More seriously, their economically illiterate "rally" is actually in favor of debt. Budget cuts eliminating jobs and destroying opportunity and social mobility, requires borrowing to prevent economic contraction, and therefore creates higher deficits in the longterm, as Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman articulates here. Someone tell George Osborne.

This is not to mention the mandateless, revolution-warranted and ideologically-driven social injustice, endangerment to the welfare of the most vulnerable and underprivileged, the destructive privatization of the National Health Service, and the authoritarian police state suppressing dissent against the cuts causing it.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The queerness of homophobia

People don't choose their sexual orientation. People are born left-handed or right-handed (and some of course are ambidextrous). I digress. I can only legibly write with my right hand, and I fall in love with women. And though I may be a flaming heterosexual, I stand in solidarity as an absolute LGBT ally, just as the white people who struggled beside the African-American civil rights movement or the defeat of apartheid dictatorship. All forms of discrimination beget each other, and passivity to any discrimination or prejudice is accepting to all of them and their oppression.

Friday, 13 May 2011

The personified regression of Stephen Harper

In Canada's recent general election, Stephen Harper was remarkably returned as Prime Minister with an increased Tory majority. The election was called due to Harper's undemocratic contempt of parliament, remarkably not resulting in any sort of impeachment for such a dictatorial evasion of democratic legtimacy.

Canada is an admirable nation: with its universal healthcare system, support for gay rights, environmental protection, and freedom of speech and expression. Harper is an authoritarian, bigoted and often fundamentalist reactionary to Canada's exemplary civilization on the North American continent. His government's attempts to actually ban use of Twitter during Canada's general election was just as remarkable.  Progressive Canadians can at least rally behind Jack Layton's great New Democratic Party, who have formed the opposition after an incredible gain of seats, and a defeat of Quebec separatists and Michael Ignatieff''s indistinguishable Liberal party. They must so for the dynamic society they have fought for.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The nature of marketing

Consumerist marketing depends upon calculated psychological manipulation. In insecurity, archetypal sexual objectification, conditioned and desensitized individuation. It depends upon everything defined to be a hindrance to human development, and destructive to its intellect. Do we tolerate it in the name of "profit"? Or stand against that which is entirely destructive, superficial, counterproductive and often traumatically immoral by its consequences? It is as such intrinsic to indoctrinational control and propaganda in every sense. Freud said that the "psychic development of the individual is a short repetition of the course of development of the race." It stands for psychic equilibrium.

Rosa Rubicondior: Do You Want to Convert an Atheist?

Rosa Rubicondior: Do You Want to Convert an Atheist?: "If you want to convert an Atheist your task should be simple. Atheists believe in evidence; our opinions are based on it."

A perfect summary.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The politically unfortunate e.e. cummings

A great and prolific American writer, and in my view one of the 20th century's greatest poets, was e.e. cummings. Not in the turn of the century's age, but certainly in the transcendent respect of Walt Whitman or Gertrude Stein, he pioneered the bohemianism, living of nature and the city exemplified by Jack Kerouac. He stood for free expression and non-conformity in appreciation and catharsis of the artistic mind.

In 1931, Cummings traveled to the Soviet Union, and published the account titled Eimi ("I am") in 1933. He rightfully condemned the indoctrinated and brutally enforced suppression of freethought and individual expression by its totalitarian government. Upon returning however, compared to George Orwell standing against authoritarian Stalinism as a democratic socialist freedom fighter, Cummings did nothing more than flagellate his humanitarian principles into completely reactionary conservatism. This came to the point of total inconsolableness when he supported the hysterical and bigoted propaganda campaign of the eponymous Senator Joesph McCarthy.

It gives me a particular sorrow to consider. For a remarkable mind upon witnessing the absolutist depersonalization Stalinist dictatorship, to do nothing but stand beside the Red Scare personality cult of hatred and bigotry fundamentally the same in its nature. Perhaps we can empathize with Cummings's determination. Maybe he viewed Soviet society as so harrowing of a possible threat, he supported McCarthyism in relative attempt to prevent it. But surely, when the ideals of human freedom are even passively undermined, it will ultimately destroy the timelessness that e.e. cummings personified.

Monday, 9 May 2011

My political compass

Economic Left/Right: -8.62
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -9.13

Take the test here. I have always been an absolute libertarian, but I have realized my left-wing economics gradually. 

Follow your path.

Prosper in life,
In pride,
In light of in spite upon yourself.

A Leftist article: 'We Must Not Bailout Our Oppressors, A Report On The 2008 Bank Bailouts'

The financial crisis, recession and near depression that now effects us continually, was not a sudden occurrence in 2007. It was a crisis dwelling from the end of the 20th century, and the beginning of the 21st. It was government subservience to the greed, incompetence and corruption of the world’s major corporations and banks. They granted loans to those who they knew could not afford them, to intentionally manipulate their debts as extortionists. They arrogantly acquired worthless currency in the casino of non-existent stocks and shares, acquired through their criminal risk.
As consequence of their actions, it was necessary through Keynesian understanding and lessons from the great depression, to spend hundreds of billions in international stimulus to prevent complete collapse of the world’s economies due to the oligarchy’s anti-economic monopoly. The course of action succeeding should have been as follows. The corporate and banker criminals should be imprisoned for many years as the criminals they are. The bailed out banks should be taken over by the public as cooperatives, an international Robin Hood tax should raise tens of billions for investment in society, along with a war on the tax evasion that governments have always  otherwise been complicit in.
Instead, investment bankers pay themselves even larger bonuses with the money they were bailed out with, while opportunity and welfare are devastated in regressive “austerity” budget cuts by governments that they control. They buy cars and grant internships for their privileged children,   in black tie champagne drinking parties with politicians inflicting the injustice, ordered and directed to serve vested interests by commissions headed by corporate directors. The disparity between the very richest and the very poorest constantly grows. Where justice is not brought by law, the law must be broken to bring that justice. A fantastic organization called UK Uncut is taking direct action against tax evasion and banker bonuses subsidized by the public victims of budget cuts, through civil disobedience, and it is a movement spreading throughout the world, in collective consciousness to the spring of revolutions, occurring for just the same reasons.
Our stand for freedom for justice is through non-compliance. The authoritarian police state that is attempting to oppress it shows the threat to the ruling class it poses. I am willing to walk the walk where I can, and I am willing to go to prison.  As Henry David Thoreau said: “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” We choose between the obedience and slavery of always, or justice found through disobedience.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


We are at war with Libya. Let us not delude ourselves. At the same time, there is an undoubtable question we must face to answer. To prevent genocide or let it occur. Through military action? While in solidarity with the Libyan revolution, we cannot forget how the western administrations in the doublespeak rhetorically "standing for democracy", subsidized and supported Mummar Gaddafi's theocratic totalitarian regime since its inception. How it subsidized the arms trade with money taken through taxation, and how it always will with total absence of democratic mandate to do so. Supporting regimes absent of democracy requires an absence of democracy. Western governments supported Hosni Mubarak in all purposes only until the moment of his resignation. They now face the Egyptian Revolution impossible to undermine, but will systemically attempt to manipulate its fragility and prevent establishment of a free society to the greatest extent they can.

The western government-supported arms trade has been fundamental to the genocide and tyranny of every Middle Eastern and North African dictator that has ever reigned in the past century. The pervasive military-industrial complex is a cancer to civilization. The necessity of humanitarianism is the consequence of anti-humanitarianism. And the anti-humanitarianism of the West has prevented the Arab Spring many decades until the advent of our times. May we learn from their Spring in solidarity against our governments who have stood beside the totalitarianism oppressing them. Their cause is ours.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A question of genocide

In response to the minor indiscriminate terrorist killings of populations in Israel, from non-representative and fundamentalist organizations in the Palestinian territories, the Israeli administration rhetorically justifies the mass indiscriminate terrorist killings of populations in the Palestinian territories, mostly on the Gaza Strip. Against civilians who live in the subhuman apartheid and destitution of their open air concentration camps, their houses bulldozed, their crops burnt, their children assaulted and their women raped.

Compare to the United Kingdom. Would the actions of the IRA justify the Royal Air Force striking missiles against the impoverished populations of Cork and Londonderry? Would decisively amputating the limbs of Dubliner schoolchildren amount to justice and anti-terrorism?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Why drugs should be legalized

Between 1919 and 1933 in the United States, the United States government enacted a prohibition of alcohol, resulting in a national pandemic of racketeering, bootlegging and extortion through the organized crime of the Mafia. Due to the financing of criminality through the black market monopolization of the alcohol trade. The war on (certain) drugs has failed for this identical reason.

The drug trade did make a profit from selling heroin and cocaine in their purest forms, but only to the users that could afford them. The answer this was the manufacturing of drugs such as crack cocaine and crystal meth, highly addictive and cheaply manufacturable drugs that could be sold at a high price to the addict.

Notwithstanding that heroin and cocaine in their purest forms are highly addictive and harmful, the low quality standards of those drugs due to their illegality make them significantly more harmful than if there were quality and safety standards applied as to all legal drugs. The illegality of recreational drugs is the reason the most harmful of them have ever existed.

The definition of medicine, is a chemical that can be created or created from from any substance, of which can successfully cure, or treat any psychological or psychical condition or disease, the positive benefits of such, outweighing the negative side effects. Cannabis is a medicine.

Marijuana is a medicine of which has been scientifically proven to successfully treat and cure an innumerable amount of diseases and conditions. Such as the severe nausea and chronic pain as a side effect of chemotherapy. The pain caused by conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and cystic fibrosis, and the repair of eye tissue as a cure for glaucoma. And those who use marijuana to medicate themselves, including terminally ill cancer patients, are arrested and imprisoned.

The consequences of prohibitionist drug policy is a crime against humanity.