Friday, 1 April 2011

The United Kingdom welcomes martial law

As part of the UK government's systematic privatization of the nation's public sector, prisons throughout the country are to be taken over by the corporate public services provider Serco. The dehumanizing and crime manufacturing nature of the western world's penal systems are already severe enough, but when corporations take over prisons to profiteer from the labor of prisoners, this descends into virtual slavery.

"Justice" Secretary Kenneth Clarke has reserved around two thousand reserve troops from the armed forces to act as guards, if prison officers decide to implement a strike over the action.

"We have contingency plans and the military are indeed involved. But I should make it clear that no one is talking about a military takeover of our prisons. The prison governors will still be in charge and so will the Prison Service but it is only prudent to make sure that we do have the military prepared should it be required."

From introducing law that will prohibit the right of peaceful protest through authoritarian "anti-terrorism" subversion of civil liberties, for the UK Uncut political prisoners acting against the government's agenda through civil disobedience, it will now willingly undertake martial law in the reestablished panoptic prison slave trade against the reputable prison wardens enraged by the disgraceful and anti-humanitarian policy. 

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