Sunday, 10 April 2011

My article for The Lefist: Jesus Was A Revolutionary Until The Church Corrupted His Meaning.

Like Richard Dawkins, I am an atheist for Jesus. A philosopher, who through his own Jewish-based morality taught the injustice of contained wealth in a society,  by the ruling class whose decisions are made in the vested interests of their own tyranny. This transcendent understanding of freedom, that stands against the mutual injustice of financial oligarchy and authoritarian power.
But from then on in the course of human history, the religious institutions of the world, and their destructive indoctrination of the human condition have always been instrumental in the hierarchy of control. God, the unquestionable absolute power, suspended the reason of those with faith to believe and conform to whatever the churches deemed to be his word, according to the agenda of whatever authority these sovereigns are a part of. They are incomparably described by Thomas Paine as “no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”

With an intended lord who in human form denied all wealthy individuals entry into his celestial  kingdom,  why does the Catholic Church particularly retain hundreds of billions in its accounts, while exhibiting its wealth during delusional processions, of golden ornaments encrusted with jewelry? Even if the church insists on caused genocide by proxy in the third world through its teachings against contraception, it could surely consider instead selling these anti-Christian riches, and building tens of thousands of hospitals and schools, stocked with medicines, resources and food for such people throughout the world, rather than primarily paying for missionaries to embark on crusades of destructive dogmatizing to the starving and illiterate?
Why does the national Church of England subsist upon public taxation  because of the country’s overwhelmingly prevalent humanism? Why are American evangelicals given government subsidiary to build extravagant megachurches to preach fundamentalism, and schools to teach pseudoscience and grant “diplomas” of no academic legitimacy?
We then observe the Middle east, with regimes such as Saudi Arabia and ruled by totalitarian dynasties who live in luxury, trading with western oil companies and arms manufacturers, while the oppressed populace live in poverty and destitution. Many of the fundamental causes of its revolutions are instigated by these conditions. We can further stand in solidarity, as throughout our history as serfs and subjects the only difference of our regimes has been a different form of Abrahamic theology.
Though as understood from Leo Tolstoy, we can comprehend Christ’s Kingdom as a universal concept. Where collective equality of individuals in ownership of their freethinking and elevated minds, perhaps “souls”, are not bound by the confines of such inhumanity. We can understand God as an all embodying belief in human good,  respect of our habitat, and admiration of our universe. Not as the excuse of exorbitant wealth and fanatical absolutism. They will never make it through the eye of a needle. Any non-religious existence of such greed in society by banks and ruling corporations, is completely condemned as such evil sin.