Saturday, 23 April 2011

How to make Britain a far greater place.

Generally speaking: Implement taxation in the banking sector, through a Robin Hood tax and war against evasion, and raise tens of billions over the decade. Create social mobility. Assure the right of college and university education for all, defend daycare for all young children and support for their parents, renationalize the railways and buses for at least affordable travel, seek high speed broadband to be available throughout the country, create jobs and loan to small businesses for the economy to grow, including through the manufacture of renewable energy sources. Rather than imitating the corporatism of the United States, we must learn from the social justice of Scandinavia, and the prevailing exporting of Germany. Once the "five economic tests" have been met, we should join the euro. And as has been said, play a commanding and effective role in Europe.
Budget cuts that are actually justified include cutting the Cold War Trident nuclear weapons system, and subsidy to the arms trade that profiteer from the genocide of dictatorship and civil war.