Friday, 25 February 2011

The Egyptian revolution and the anti-cuts movement.

The revolution in Egypt was instigated by the resistance movement of protest and direct action in Tunisia, that now inspires and mobilizes throughout the middle east and northern Africa, and indeed wherever tyranny lays in the world. While we hold absolute solidarity to its overthrow, we must just as importantly comprehend the cause of the unrest, which galvanized a people to empower themselves originally.

High unemployment, lack of opportunity in education, inflated food prices, police brutality and low wages, while a wealthy elite profiteer and dictate from its cause. These are all injustices that the United Kingdom can hold in empathy, living under divestment of human development and society that will be inflicted with severity by the corrupt and democratically illegitimate ConDem government, in accordance to the vested interests of the major corporations and banks it is monopolized to. It is worth noting how the tax evading Vodaphone corroborated with the Mubarak regime to suspend communications in Egypt that mobilized its deposition. That gives UK Uncut another greater reason to occupy them.

The right to university education is indebted with extortionate fees, as dictated by the tax evaders whose establishments UK Uncut occupies. The Education Maintenance Allowance, an incredibly valuable educational incentive and fund for students from the poorest of families is abolished. David Cameron lauds resistance against the state by the disillusioned and underprivileged young in Egypt, but when it occurs in the UK, his government resorts to the most totalitarian and vicious of police tactics. All while Tory politicians purchase auctioned jobs for their sons and daughters in investment banking and public relations.

The government's complete allowance of corporate tax evasion, and banker bonuses amounting to far beyond the cost in currency of all of their devastating cuts to society, is totally comparable to the wealth of middle eastern dictatorships whose people suffer in destitution. Barclays alone owe the public over £1 trillion. The government announces a tax on banks: of £900 million.

My basic political conclusion is that the cause of democracy is democracy, and the answer to injustice is the justice that a truly democratic society provides. Not just from Egypt and Tunisia, but the African American civil rights, suffragette and Indian independence movements, where Henry David Thoreau's tradition of civil disobedience historically provided among the greatest means for human freedom in history.

The coalition government intends to stay in power for five years. It probably understands that its disgraceful atrocity could never reform to rule for a decade. But what UK Uncut and the protest movement demonstrates and occupies against: rises in tuition fees, cuts in education and libraries, and the systematic privatization of our National Health Service formed after the defeat of fascism, will only become more permanently severe as the remaining four years pass. Let us learn from Egypt and not allow them to.

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