Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Jung: a personal perspective.

When I was young I had a cheaply manufactured dreamcatcher. It hung above my curtain in a paltry fashion. One day I absently picked away one of the lesions from its web. I was societally isolated enough at that time to have stood and stared at it, aimlessly and primitively. These were dismal days. I had priorly read in Native American mythology that desecration of these supposed windows to the souls would result in great spiritual curse for those responsible. This was the foundation to the interest of the psyche and universal self. Today I feel immense empathy to the trauma Carl Jung underwent in his childhood's psychological manifestations, that went on to found the profound understanding of his analytical psychology. In middle age, he eventually embraced and experienced the hallucinations of his own imagination. Subconscious and neurotic phobias of imagination. We can only ever develop as human beings in embracing and overcoming them. We can never delude or preconceive.

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