Saturday, 22 January 2011

The American and Chinese dichotomy.

There is an advent talking point of international development within the global news media, which is the decelerated currency war between the United States and China. There is no fundamental difference between either state. They are both founded upon the authoritarian and consumerist conditioning of humanity, which they have a mutual vested interest to maintain abrasively. Yes, America is the freer, in accordance to the established citizen movements of democratic resistance in recent decades, that have upheld its radical principles of foundation. Freedom of speech and expression are of virtue, but not upheld whatsoever by its institutions of hierarchical control. Just as the actual meaning of socialism, based in the same Enlightenment values that founded the United States, is void of actuality in China: the world's totalitarian epicentre of consumerist wage slavery. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks hold governments accountable to their actions as journalists, through the principle of freedom of information, are they are systemically oppressed by the United States. Liu Xiaobo, imprisoned by China due to standing for democracy, is much the same.

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