Friday, 28 January 2011

Velvet Revolutions of the world.

Between November and December 29th in 1989, the people of Czechoslovakia overthrew their communist dictatorship with the resistance of non-violent means into a democracy, lead by the great Václav Havel. The revolution is since known as velvet, for its pacifism as well as informally from the inspiration of the illegally circulated sound of The Velvet Underground. 22 years later, the people of Egypt stand against the Murbarak dictatorship, and on December 28th will march in their millions upon Cairo, instigated in their masses by the Muslim Brotherhood. The protesters are shot at, their Internet connections used to network their movement through Twitter and Facebook are cut, while they are deprived of water and light. Not even the Green Movement of Iran has been victim to such oppression from the fleeing fears of their totalitarian and fundamentalist government. Egyptians are inspired by the people of Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution, a country with an instated cabinet whose legitimacy is as void as that of the deposed Ben Ali dictatorship they realized as. Yemen may certainly follow. Iran's Green Movement will almost certainly renew. On the 29th of November, the exact 22nd anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the United Kingdom will stand against our coalition government's mass cuts in public education and welfare, virtual privatization of our National Health Service,  and compliance to the vested interests of tax evading corporations and banking sector. I lament to not be able to attend in London personally. But I will informationally stand through the mediums that guide the revolutions and practice of democracy today.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Infliction against the disabled.

In the United Kingdom, thousands have protested today against government cuts to the welfare of some of the most vulnerable people in society. If you have not been able to attend in person, regrettably like myself, then please sign the petitions of our protest movements, and contact your local politicians if possible. The state, while serving the vested interests of corporations, now endangers the rights and care of the disabled, whose neglect is already a disgrace to humanity, when not cared for by their loved ones with justified handouts amounting to slave wages. I know this from personal experience, when me and my mother cared for amputee grandfather Tony who died in 2001. And today, when a police force abuses and kettles disabled peaceful protesters, on behalf of the state, in his name, I will warrant no respect or compliance to that establishment.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

The American and Chinese dichotomy.

There is an advent talking point of international development within the global news media, which is the decelerated currency war between the United States and China. There is no fundamental difference between either state. They are both founded upon the authoritarian and consumerist conditioning of humanity, which they have a mutual vested interest to maintain abrasively. Yes, America is the freer, in accordance to the established citizen movements of democratic resistance in recent decades, that have upheld its radical principles of foundation. Freedom of speech and expression are of virtue, but not upheld whatsoever by its institutions of hierarchical control. Just as the actual meaning of socialism, based in the same Enlightenment values that founded the United States, is void of actuality in China: the world's totalitarian epicentre of consumerist wage slavery. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks hold governments accountable to their actions as journalists, through the principle of freedom of information, are they are systemically oppressed by the United States. Liu Xiaobo, imprisoned by China due to standing for democracy, is much the same.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Language and stupidity.

Regardless of the obvious immorality of bigotry and prejudice: racism, sexism, homophobia, and so on, its rhetoric is equally as void of rationality as any religious delusion, even that with an innocently infantile origin. The consequence of mass marketed New Age stupidity; the rejection of science in favour of hysterical "alternative" medicines, is equally as damaging to civilization as the discrimination of oppression.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Jung: a personal perspective.

When I was young I had a cheaply manufactured dreamcatcher. It hung above my curtain in a paltry fashion. One day I absently picked away one of the lesions from its web. I was societally isolated enough at that time to have stood and stared at it, aimlessly and primitively. These were dismal days. I had priorly read in Native American mythology that desecration of these supposed windows to the souls would result in great spiritual curse for those responsible. This was the foundation to the interest of the psyche and universal self. Today I feel immense empathy to the trauma Carl Jung underwent in his childhood's psychological manifestations, that went on to found the profound understanding of his analytical psychology. In middle age, he eventually embraced and experienced the hallucinations of his own imagination. Subconscious and neurotic phobias of imagination. We can only ever develop as human beings in embracing and overcoming them. We can never delude or preconceive.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

...then you win

The violence and propaganda inflicted towards the movement against tuition fees, education cuts and corporate tax evasion in the UK, has made me clearly realize that the brutality, injustice, censorship and lies imposed upon protest and direct action, is relative to the imposition it poses against the establishment of vested interest. It is something to be complimented by. Rising authoritarian power is relative to educated public awareness. The African-American civil rights movement knew this as "walking the walk." I have a basic conclusion, that democracy is founded through democracy. The stand of the democratic rights of protest and free expression. Injustice can only be inflicted through systemic suppression of these rights; illiberal, authoritarian and undemocratic means.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Is alienation a virtue.

Units of time are a necessity to humanity, but apart from in documentation, new year's don't mean a thing. They therefore bring to me a mutual sense of depression, irritation and hope. I have despaired at them. I resent the futility of promises to the self that should always be of perpetual realization, rationally. Days only seem short when you don't focus upon their actual length. Never take this for granted. I've been reading on Marx and Hegel's understanding of alienation. My actualization is of alienation.

I should do this.

Why I haven't I blogged? I immerse myself in Tumblr, Twitter, and the Guardian's Comment is Free, but as somebody with the will and interest of writing with free expression, I should be obliged to. I suppose my productivity in doing so with be relative to interest and enthusiasm. Onwards.